Monday, October 20, 2008

midterms are almost over...

Here are the rules:


1.Link to the person who tagged you

2.Mention the rules on your blog

3.Tell 6 unspectacular quirks about you

4.Tag 6 following bloggers by linking to them

5.Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs letting them know they've been tagged.

My sister Corrie tagged me. and because i'm a bored (insert sarcasm) college student, i thought i would fill this out, since im done with most of my midterms.

Let's see,

1. I am, like corrie, OCD. I think everyone in my family is to some degree. I have recently gotten into the habit of KEEPING my room clean. I cannot go to bed unless it's decent. i dont care about my closet though. i like keeping things organized, though sometimes i fail. :)

2. Like corrie (do you see a pattern?), i don't really like potlucks. i am much more aware that i am a bit of a germaphobe. (spelling, i know). i dont know where the hands have been. just, ew. i love eating what my family has to offer though! (no offense.. just a preference).

3. I like/have to eat something in even numbers. yes, even numbers. i take 6 grapes, not 5. i can eat them one at a time, but i have to eat things in even numbers. i think that is just plain sad. but its my quirk, and i will love it.

4. i have to read even a page of a book before i go to bed. no matter what time it is, or what book it is, i have to read a little bit. i cannot fall asleep. i dont knwo why, but reading is so relaxing, it helps me sleep.

5. i have to be the leader. its a bossy thing. i like to boss people around, and i dont have a problem doing it. i like having the last say. maybe this is why i want to be a teacher. getting paid to boss kids around. :)

6. i am an impluse buyer. even though i hate to shop. i once bought an expensive purse, one because i wanted it to for long, and two because i needed a good cheering up. i finally broke down and bought it. ive learned that i earned that money, and while i need to save, there's no problem with a little bit of indulgence. :)

okay; tags.
well, everyone i know has already done this, so i think im off the hook.