Saturday, November 3, 2007

College Thoughts.

For the past while, i've been studying my butt off trying to attain a great GPA to put on my applications to college. While I've been thinking about this point in my life for many years, it's hard to believe that in a few short months, I will be on my way to a new part. In a way, I'm incredibly happy to be getting away from high school. But if i go away to college, I will be leaving an awesome ward, awesome friends, and the most awesome family ever. Going to college is something I've been looking forward to for many years,. I had my college and back up picked when I was eight, my housing, and every class planned for high school since freshman year. I can't wait, but I'm glad I have a few months.
My family is completely awesome.
My mom and dad constantly support me and even let me borrow their cars. They are pretty much the best parents anyone could ever ask for.
Corrie and Andy let me come over to their house whenever and educate me with 80's movies...that i love!
Andrew and Shelley are so fun and are great movie people, always ready to go to one at midnight with me :D
I have found a new love of painting after helping Eric paint his room, which was FUN. We learned that even if we cant see the TV, watching Lord of the Rings, we still can quote and know exactly what's going on. Sad? i think not.
Spencer is my buddy, nice, even if we fight. I missed him while i was in France and was happy to come home to see him. :)
Norah is the best niece. She is so energetic, bouncy, fun, and always "has to tell me" something. She's is the spitting image of Jen.

My friends are awesome too, dont worry.
Seems a bit early for this blog, but i am working on college apps, and it got me thinkin.

Time to watch "Some kind of Wonderful" with corrie and andy. extra hour of sleep. one does not know how awesome that is until they are a seminary student getting up at 4:30. :)