Thursday, March 5, 2009

25 Random Things

Okay, so, Corrie says I need to update so here's something thats going around on Facebook.

1. I have 5 brothers and sisters. :) they are awesome
2. I have two beautiful nieces. I dont let them call me aunt. If i did, I would be "Auntie Em". Can you see the yellow brick road?
3. I love "Friends, House, The Unit, Lost, One Tree Hill, American Idol, and the Office"
4. I have been to England, France, Canada, Australia, Hawaii, and a bunch of other states
5. I attend the University of Cincinnati. I am studying to be a teacher
6. I was reading Twilight before it was cool. People called me stupid for reading them, then about a year and half later asked me to borrow them.
7. When Harry Potter's last movie comes out in 2011, my entire childhood would've had Harry Potter. from the third or fourth grade (i was about... 8?) until i'm almost 21. what.
8. I love the rain. LOVE IT.
9. I have a great relationship with my parents <3
10. I hate daylight savings time. seriously, what is the point anymore??
11. I have a "harsh" view of politics. i like to voice my opinion, but sometimes i really should just keep my mouth shut.
12. If Tatiana get into the Top 12 of American Idol tonight, I am going to quit watching the show. I thought Simon Cowell had more sense.
13. Chandler is my favorite "Friend".
14. I got to vote this past election. sure, "historic". whatever.
15. I love Icees. anytime, any weather, anywhere
16. I love hanging out at Corrie's house and at Andrew's house. They are amazing.
17. I love going to plays. I still like going to FHS's productions.
18. I really love musicals though
19. I am really short.
20. I have a collection of DVDs. Most of them i bought at Target for $5
21. I love Target
22. right now, i am really hungry
23. I love Wii Fit. But working out at the YMCA is good too.
24. I have beaten the Zelda game on the ORIGINAL nintendo and on GameBoy
25. I am easily distracted. writing 25 things was really hard to do.

All right, there's the update. :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Okay, so... I like going to movies, right? And... i like reading. So, when i see a preview for a movie, i like to go out and buy the book before i see the movie. So, my friend and i saw, Twilight, i think... not sure. But we saw the preview for "He's Just Not That Into You". It looked really funny and awesome, so, after the movie, we go to the bookstore. I go up to the counter and i asked the guy there (maybe.. late 20s early 30s) where i could find the book. He looked at me and my friend sorta funny, but said okay. I thought he would take me to the fiction section... no. he took me to the...

Self-Help Book Section.

What. The. Heck.

So, he looked at us again funny but left us with the book in hand. We were sorta confused, we looked at the cover (it had the movie cover) and we bought it without really looking at it.
So ... we look at it in the car.

It's an advice book.

But it's so freaking hilarious! We read some of it, some of it didnt... apply to us teenagers. know what i mean?

anyway... so, i own one self-help book. it's called "He's Just Not that Into You". and no, it doesn't really mean anything to the movie. so, if you are looking to read the book before you see the movie, dont ask the guy at the bookstore. he might just offer you a chocolate with your purchase.