Friday, February 29, 2008

100 things about me.

100 things most people dont know about me....

1. I love school. As much as I say I hate it. :)

2. I love my job. I don't think i usually complain about it.

3. I love every movie genre. Except horror.

4. I love every music genre. Except rap.

5. I love high school so much, i want to teach high school English.

6. My senior year is definitely my favorite. I enjoy all of my classes.

7. I LOVE politics. I will argue with anyone (well...almost) about them.

8. I bought Glenn Beck's book: An Inconveient Book. I found it to be insightful and loved the fact that someone else has my thought process!

9. I would eat Chinese food everyday if I could...and if it wasnt so bad for me. :)

10. I love snow days.

11. I love rainy days.

12. I love cold days.

13. I hate getting up so early in the morning...but i feel better when i do.

14. I love sci-fi books. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Great and Terrible Beauty, Twilight.

15. I hate the dark.

16. I love the night sky though.

17. I love storms when I'm home safe and not alone. and no tornados.

18. I love watching a political movie. (hence the obsessive love of political debates i could easily win by shouting my debate partner down with my intellectual verbiage to show that i am imperious)

19. Sometimes, im told i scare people because i love politics.

20. I've also been told its not healthy for a 17 year old to take such an intense and harsh opinion on the topics.

21. I read Harry Potter 7 in about 8 hours.

22. I went and got the book at midnight.

23. I love the show Gilmore Girls.

25. I love the show The Office.

26. I love reading for pleasure. I'll TRY to read just about anything.

27. I enjoy singing. People think that i dont like to sing. I know im not good, so i am actually saving you. :)

28. I love any kind of MILK chocolate.

29. I love watching old 80's shows/movies and The Office with Corrie and Andy.

30. I love finding old mixes of CD's i made in the 6th grade and making that priceless face of utter disgust. But then, i realize why i loved NSYNC and all those boy/girl bands.

31. I buy People magazine so often i should have a subscription.

32. I am very disappointed that the first time I get to vote, I will have to vote for the "least disappointing/worse candidate". I was hoping for someone with actual experience.

33. I may have quit dance, but i still dance :)

34. Corrie was willing to pay for her own jeans at my age. I would rather pay for a cheapie pair (Old Navy!) and buy some awesome stuff for the computer or ipod.

35. I dont care about being fashionable. All i care about is if the jeans/shirt fit alright. then throw a black jacket or a hoodie on. who are you trying to impress? *note: i do try to look nice for work.

36. I spend too much money. (see #34)

37. I love the comic strip Zits.

38. I hate going to the doctor.

39. I love taking naps.

40. I probably take too long of a nap.

41. I wish I had an accent (preferrably Australian, but i'd settle for British)

42. I wish i could spend a year at a university in australia.

43. I think maybe i'll save tons of money and go for a year when i have the money. whether or not im still in school.

44. I'm obsessed with traveling.

45. I love getting my hair cut.

46. I trying to grow my hair out for locks of love.

47. I've talked to my teachers about my low grade to see what i could do to bring it up and also because i thought my grade was too high. (overacheiver? suck-up?)

48. Sometimes I think im too honest.

49. When i spent a month in France, i dislocated my knee at the pool. i was taken away on a stretcher and into an ambulence with the lights and sirens. that was the only cool part.

50. I can feel the weather in that knee.

51. I really want to go to New Zealand... because of Lord of the Rings (and because my mom lived there :) )

52. I want to take a roadtrip. just me and a friend.

53. I've only lived in two different houses.

54. I've wondered what Simon Cowell would say to me if i auditioned for American Idol.

55. I love the ocean.

56. I dont wish to live there though. it wouldnt be special.

57. I love black and white movies.

58. I am getting annoyed with the stupid Writer's Guild. I mean, i totally understand their plight, but COME ON! i want my Without A Trace!!!! somebody needs to give in!

59. I love playing the piano. When i want.

60. I really want to go to Prince Edward Island. Maybe it's my Anne of Green Gables obsession coming out.

61. I love musicals. most of them anyway.

62. After our incredible winter snowy season, i wonder what those people who believe in global warming are saying.

63. I really cant wait for graduation.

64. I'm pretty bummed about OGT week. i mean, i passed the OGT's awesomely, but i dont have to be at school till 10 and i still have to get up at 4:30. :(

65. I think i would walk in my neighborhood if there wasnt a chance i would get mauled by wild dogs.

66. Corrie and Andy walk up here. They have no idea what im talking about.

67. Im not imagining these dogs. Maybe i have a scent. a "come get me, i cant run fast" scent. hm.......

68. Could you tell i dont really like dogs? i've only liked 2 dogs. Ben (andrew and shelley's cute SMALL dog) and Dolly (Merrell's dog...i finally got used to her the week before they gave her up).

69. I've noticed than whenever i go to a church event and see my parent's friends i always get the "oh! you're so grown up! i've known you since you were yeh high" speech.

70. I love staying up late.

71. I love sleeping in late.

72. I'm pretty tired now.

73. I cant wait for college...but i can.

74. I love playing random computer games.

75. I pratically grew up on romantic comedies.

76. You've got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, While you Were Sleeping, Father of the Bride I and II top the list.

77. I still love romantic comedies.

78. I love explaining that I am Australian. And have Australian citizenship :) i love bragging about that.

79. I love being one of the youngest of 6.

80. This just means i have four amazing older siblings!

81. And one little brother who is amazing!

82. As i've gotten older, i feel my siblings can tolerate me more :)

83. I love the tradition of going with Andy, Andrew, Shelley, and Spencer (no longer Corrie....who wont watch them anymore) to see Harry Potter the day it comes out.

84. I believe the justice system in America is not up to par.

85. I find truth in song lyrics.

86. I love it when Corrie gives me 80's and 90's music.

87. I cant wait to be 18.

88. I still vividly remember the 3rd grade and calling dirt "soil" because that's the way i was taught at home.

89. I also remember that if Spencer and I found little silver worms in the garden and we killed them, we got a quarter. Then it was a dime. Then we didnt get anything. Therefore, we dont garden.

90. I wouldnt pay my kids to kill worms. Moles maybe.

91. I love watching 90's reruns of Saved by the Bell, Boy Meets World, Family Matters (Urkel!), and Full House.

92. I can play the whole Lord of the Rings theme/Lotr:Return of the King melody on the piano (11 mins!).

93. I have defeated the game: Zelda. I love it!

94. I hate going into the basement late at night.

95. I love my ipod.

96. I appreciate my entire family.

97. I have a close friend that i can tell everything to. She's good at not judging me.

98. I'm about to go watch more Gilmore Girls.

99. I have a craving for Chinese food.

100. I have a craving for chocolate too.

Corrie-try to do this!!! :) *tag*