Friday, November 28, 2008

the bashing must end

Twilight Review. Spoliers Ahead. Don't read if your gonna see the movie and dont wanna know what the changed or whatever or if your gonna read the book. don't blame me if you get something ruined for you know. you've been warned.

My rating: 9.5/10 --

Okay, I am sick of everyone saying the movie sucked. Look at it from another perspective. I must admit, I saw it for the first time and came out thinking: "They just did an okay job with one my favorite books". But when i saw it the second time, i enjoyed it much more. the first time, a sincere lover of the books probably critized, could see flaws in every scene. i did. but, what if there was someone if the audience that had never heard of the book. *gasp* yes, there are people like that. my friend saw the movie, and loved it. deal with it. the movie is made, and you cant change it. a geniune lover could see that some may love it some may not but you gotta deal with it either way.
robert and kristen have AMAZING chemistry. the connection is deep and real.
kristen did an amazing job. she acted very much like the bella we have come to know. she is constantly tripping, slipping, and stuttering. she is in the presence of the most gorgeous man on earth, who wouldnt be like this? robert was amazing. not exactly who i imagined, but he's pretty darn close. so hot. :)
no movie can portray what everyone saw. maybe this movie is EXACTLY what someone saw. stephenie meyer had some creative control, she knew what was happening. so, if you hate the movie, blame her too, not just the director.
overall, i thought twilight the movie was amazing. it was well acted, and incredible. it may not have flowed like we wanted, or had something change that shouldnt have been. enjoy the movie for what it is: entertainment.
if you dont like the movie, save your money, and buy the collector's edition of twilight. i'll do both.

and again: i wasnt a HUGE fan of the movie the first time. i had to go a second time to completely fall in love with twilight all over again.