Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hey There Baltimore

So, since my sister has blog, and everyone else on the planet seems to have one, I might as well.
Most of you who might read this, know me.
I'm a senior in high school: YAY! I actually like school and am preparing to go to college. I love almost any kind of movie. Especially fun ones...like Hairspray. (yay Zac Efron :D ) Corrie and I love to blast it up and sing along, even though she sings much better than me :) You cant help but sing along to every song. Which explains the title of my blog. and "Good Morning Cincinnati" doesnt have the same 'ring' as Baltimore.


:P, corrie said...

I agree, I just tried singing 'Good Morning Cincinnati' to the Baltimore tune and it doesn't work at all :|

Welcome to Blogging Em, you'll love it! I expect to read all about your college life next year!

Liu said...

Hi Emma! I've never seen Hairspray... does this mean you won't come to Provo for school? :)