Friday, February 29, 2008

100 things about me.

100 things most people dont know about me....

1. I love school. As much as I say I hate it. :)

2. I love my job. I don't think i usually complain about it.

3. I love every movie genre. Except horror.

4. I love every music genre. Except rap.

5. I love high school so much, i want to teach high school English.

6. My senior year is definitely my favorite. I enjoy all of my classes.

7. I LOVE politics. I will argue with anyone (well...almost) about them.

8. I bought Glenn Beck's book: An Inconveient Book. I found it to be insightful and loved the fact that someone else has my thought process!

9. I would eat Chinese food everyday if I could...and if it wasnt so bad for me. :)

10. I love snow days.

11. I love rainy days.

12. I love cold days.

13. I hate getting up so early in the morning...but i feel better when i do.

14. I love sci-fi books. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Great and Terrible Beauty, Twilight.

15. I hate the dark.

16. I love the night sky though.

17. I love storms when I'm home safe and not alone. and no tornados.

18. I love watching a political movie. (hence the obsessive love of political debates i could easily win by shouting my debate partner down with my intellectual verbiage to show that i am imperious)

19. Sometimes, im told i scare people because i love politics.

20. I've also been told its not healthy for a 17 year old to take such an intense and harsh opinion on the topics.

21. I read Harry Potter 7 in about 8 hours.

22. I went and got the book at midnight.

23. I love the show Gilmore Girls.

25. I love the show The Office.

26. I love reading for pleasure. I'll TRY to read just about anything.

27. I enjoy singing. People think that i dont like to sing. I know im not good, so i am actually saving you. :)

28. I love any kind of MILK chocolate.

29. I love watching old 80's shows/movies and The Office with Corrie and Andy.

30. I love finding old mixes of CD's i made in the 6th grade and making that priceless face of utter disgust. But then, i realize why i loved NSYNC and all those boy/girl bands.

31. I buy People magazine so often i should have a subscription.

32. I am very disappointed that the first time I get to vote, I will have to vote for the "least disappointing/worse candidate". I was hoping for someone with actual experience.

33. I may have quit dance, but i still dance :)

34. Corrie was willing to pay for her own jeans at my age. I would rather pay for a cheapie pair (Old Navy!) and buy some awesome stuff for the computer or ipod.

35. I dont care about being fashionable. All i care about is if the jeans/shirt fit alright. then throw a black jacket or a hoodie on. who are you trying to impress? *note: i do try to look nice for work.

36. I spend too much money. (see #34)

37. I love the comic strip Zits.

38. I hate going to the doctor.

39. I love taking naps.

40. I probably take too long of a nap.

41. I wish I had an accent (preferrably Australian, but i'd settle for British)

42. I wish i could spend a year at a university in australia.

43. I think maybe i'll save tons of money and go for a year when i have the money. whether or not im still in school.

44. I'm obsessed with traveling.

45. I love getting my hair cut.

46. I trying to grow my hair out for locks of love.

47. I've talked to my teachers about my low grade to see what i could do to bring it up and also because i thought my grade was too high. (overacheiver? suck-up?)

48. Sometimes I think im too honest.

49. When i spent a month in France, i dislocated my knee at the pool. i was taken away on a stretcher and into an ambulence with the lights and sirens. that was the only cool part.

50. I can feel the weather in that knee.

51. I really want to go to New Zealand... because of Lord of the Rings (and because my mom lived there :) )

52. I want to take a roadtrip. just me and a friend.

53. I've only lived in two different houses.

54. I've wondered what Simon Cowell would say to me if i auditioned for American Idol.

55. I love the ocean.

56. I dont wish to live there though. it wouldnt be special.

57. I love black and white movies.

58. I am getting annoyed with the stupid Writer's Guild. I mean, i totally understand their plight, but COME ON! i want my Without A Trace!!!! somebody needs to give in!

59. I love playing the piano. When i want.

60. I really want to go to Prince Edward Island. Maybe it's my Anne of Green Gables obsession coming out.

61. I love musicals. most of them anyway.

62. After our incredible winter snowy season, i wonder what those people who believe in global warming are saying.

63. I really cant wait for graduation.

64. I'm pretty bummed about OGT week. i mean, i passed the OGT's awesomely, but i dont have to be at school till 10 and i still have to get up at 4:30. :(

65. I think i would walk in my neighborhood if there wasnt a chance i would get mauled by wild dogs.

66. Corrie and Andy walk up here. They have no idea what im talking about.

67. Im not imagining these dogs. Maybe i have a scent. a "come get me, i cant run fast" scent. hm.......

68. Could you tell i dont really like dogs? i've only liked 2 dogs. Ben (andrew and shelley's cute SMALL dog) and Dolly (Merrell's dog...i finally got used to her the week before they gave her up).

69. I've noticed than whenever i go to a church event and see my parent's friends i always get the "oh! you're so grown up! i've known you since you were yeh high" speech.

70. I love staying up late.

71. I love sleeping in late.

72. I'm pretty tired now.

73. I cant wait for college...but i can.

74. I love playing random computer games.

75. I pratically grew up on romantic comedies.

76. You've got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, While you Were Sleeping, Father of the Bride I and II top the list.

77. I still love romantic comedies.

78. I love explaining that I am Australian. And have Australian citizenship :) i love bragging about that.

79. I love being one of the youngest of 6.

80. This just means i have four amazing older siblings!

81. And one little brother who is amazing!

82. As i've gotten older, i feel my siblings can tolerate me more :)

83. I love the tradition of going with Andy, Andrew, Shelley, and Spencer (no longer Corrie....who wont watch them anymore) to see Harry Potter the day it comes out.

84. I believe the justice system in America is not up to par.

85. I find truth in song lyrics.

86. I love it when Corrie gives me 80's and 90's music.

87. I cant wait to be 18.

88. I still vividly remember the 3rd grade and calling dirt "soil" because that's the way i was taught at home.

89. I also remember that if Spencer and I found little silver worms in the garden and we killed them, we got a quarter. Then it was a dime. Then we didnt get anything. Therefore, we dont garden.

90. I wouldnt pay my kids to kill worms. Moles maybe.

91. I love watching 90's reruns of Saved by the Bell, Boy Meets World, Family Matters (Urkel!), and Full House.

92. I can play the whole Lord of the Rings theme/Lotr:Return of the King melody on the piano (11 mins!).

93. I have defeated the game: Zelda. I love it!

94. I hate going into the basement late at night.

95. I love my ipod.

96. I appreciate my entire family.

97. I have a close friend that i can tell everything to. She's good at not judging me.

98. I'm about to go watch more Gilmore Girls.

99. I have a craving for Chinese food.

100. I have a craving for chocolate too.

Corrie-try to do this!!! :) *tag*


Mama D said...

What a list! Thanks for sharing.

I'm curious... Based on #7, 19, 20, and 32 who do you think is the "least disappointing/worse candidate"?

I have my own opinions, and have finally decided who to vote for on Mar 4 in the Primary, but am not sure I will vote that way in Nov. I'd be interested in your viewpoint...

Ben said...

Yay! Thanks for doing this! It was so fun to read, and I learned a lot about you, my friend!

:P, corrie said...

Crap you tagged me. Now I have to do this. I was totally laughing all the way through your list and thought that mine would be pretty similar to yours except for the Harry Potter stuff. I'm done with all of that, too scary.

Hey, I TRIED to pay for my own guess jeans but Mom thought it was ridiculous to spend that kind of money. I vividly remember crying in our parent's bedroom on Elkwood and both of them laughing. I'm still bitter I guess.


Papa D said...

"5. I love high school so much, i want to teach high school English."

Who could have imagined that Emma Bowers and Ryan DeGraw would want to do the same thing for a living? Not I.

Dee said...

i've been checking out family sites and i got to yours through corries. i love that you could think of 100 things about yourself. if you don't mind i might take up the challenge and see if i can think of that may things about myself to share with the virtual world.
love you and miss you in an eternal family sort of way.

Kristie said...

I love that you still call yourself an Australian. You must come and visit us. xx