Monday, June 23, 2008

summer? whats that?

needless (sp?) to say, i've been lazy. sitting on the couch, sitting in my comfy chair, sitting on my bed. oh yeah. lazy. reading, watching movies, endless stupid, mind-numbing television has become my daily routine. mix that in with work and college preperation and you've got my summer. it's been great staying up till 1 am and sleeping in till 11 am. but hey, thats all gonna come to an end. hallmark is anxiously waiting its 31 boxes of christmas ornaments. we got the display section in today. i am gonna be happy to be keeping busy day and night now. hopefully kicking off those extra pounds. i've been going to the YMCA pretty often with one of my best friends from high school (i LOVE that i can say that now...i am no longer a high schooler....yes!). i've lost about two pounds, but still...its something :)

i cant wait to go to the beach again with the fam. get away from this place called fairfield. sometimes you need to get the heck away just to appreciate it when you get back. *sigh* cant that just be now?! i NEED a vacation.

thats another thing. how come everyone assumes that teenagers are just good-for-nothings? i work. yes, im lazy. but i am a human. i pay for all my stuff...for the most part. i just dont get it. they were teenagers once too. dont they remember...they are claim to anyway.


so, here sitting in my lazy chair, at 11:30 pm EST. i wish you all a fabulously lazy summer. with a little dash of excitment. and hopefully no one to ruin a fantastic day with bad humor.

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Mama D said...

Enjoy your lazy summer. With work stuff and then college, you will be busy soon enough! Enjoy it while you can.